Words Are Food
For A Baby’s Brain

Build a Brain, Build a Life, Build a Community® works with hospitals and community agencies to help educate parents and caregivers about the crucial role they play in helping to develop their child’s brain and the importance of talk and interaction to fuel healthy brain development in the first three years of a child’s life.

A formula for healthy brain development.


Educate parents and caregivers about the crucial role they play in helping to develop a child’s brain.


Equip every parent with the knowledge and tools needed to maximize their child’s brain capacity from day one.


Support parents and caregivers with resources to provide ongoing help as we Build a Brain, Build a Life, Build a Community® — one child at a time.

“It taught me to give him more because I was learning that. He got a little more of the energy and the love, and all that because I was learning. It’s not just school that teaches them, they learn at home as well.”

– Denisha, Mother, Pensacola

“We had heard of Build A Brain, but we didn’t know there was all of this research and resources that were going into it. What we uncovered was somebody had taken the time to put together an entire program for new parents.”

– Frankie, Father, Pensacola

“It was like he was here, and we go to our room, and I’m holding my son and they bring me a Brain Bag and put it in my hand and it’s like oh. We have this kid here that is going to grow and we get to develop him and … here’s the tools that we needed.”

– Kristen, Mother, Pensacola

“I’ve been telling with Wiz (my baby), he’s just been growing and growing so fast, and I have noticed a difference between him and my other two children, with me interacting more with having more time to be with him.”

– Dee Dee, Mother, Pensacola

“It’s really reassuring to learn how easy it is for the brain development. Just talk and be proactive with the baby. It’s nice to know that that’s developing the brain like that. That video helped a lot for me.”

– Craig, Father, Pensacola

“One of the best tips was to constantly communicate with my daughter. She’s so young, I didn’t think that she would even comprehend. But, little did I know she is learning, so you have to keep communicating with her. I think that was so instrumental because I did not know those things.”

– Ivory, Father, Pensacola

“It helped a lot knowing that it’s the right thing to do and just being reminded that it’s the right thing to do and having the data and the studies behind it. I know that I’m doing things in the first three years of life to set her up for success. So, it helped and it still continues to help.”

– Bonnie, Mother, Pensacola

“I learned that the more you respond to the cries rather than letting them cry, it could change the outcome of as they get older. We have older kids and this wasn’t available back then. I think it would have helped us develop their brains better.”

– Jerry, Father, Pensacola

“I have a good friend who’s a principal, and with talking to her, I realize how much we can really help teachers from the start if we get the parents to recognize how important it is to talk, sing and read to their baby in a positive tone even before they’re talking back to them.”

– Catherine, Labor & Delivery Nurse, Baptist Hospital

“We can educate them here, but sometimes you’re overwhelmed as a mom having given birth and being inundated with all this information. So having them to go home with it, we can teach them, the video is a wonderful tool.”

– Micheline, Labor & Delivery Nurse, HCA Florida West Hospital

“I believed in it so much that SCI was the first group I met once they appointed me interim superintendent because I just think it’s pivotal. We know that from birth to age three is the most important years for a student. Why wouldn’t we be involved in it?”

– Keith Leonard, Interim Superintendent, Escambia County School District

“This is not something that we’re guessing is a good thing for our community. There are so many amazing domino effects that come with investing in our children, especially in early childhood brain development.”

– D.C. Reeves, Pensacola Mayor

“No matter the circumstances of their life, no matter the situation, parents are able to help their child, able to create a better life for them, and that’s why I love this program.”

– Donte Sheppard, Building Brains Program Manager, SCI

About Build a Brain

Build a Brain, Build a Life, Build a Community® was founded to educate parents about the importance of beginning to build their newborn’s brain at the earliest possible moment in their life. Build a Brain is spreading its mission across the U.S., partnering with hospitals and communities to provide resources to new parents.

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